April 20, 2014


The Avengers Movie Trailer Recut With Footage From the Blooper Reel

Haha randommomentsdevida, I agree, this does resemble the medblrs! When cranquis isn’t serious Hawkeye, he’s all:

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April 2, 2014


A cure for…death

The blood of a unicorn will keep you alive, even if you are an inch from death, but at a terrible price. You have slain something pure and defenseless to save yourself, and you will have but a half-life, a cursed life, from the moment the blood touches your lips.

- Firenze (Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone)

Unicorn blood banks!

Clearly the solution to all of medical science’s unanswered questions.

The mane problem seems to lie in extracting the blood - because finding a decent vein can be a bit hit and myth.



1. Fairytale Transfusion by quick-brown-fox:  more of John’s work here.

2. Unicorn Blood by Michele Banks aka artologica: visit her Etsy store here.

So i-heart-histo quotes Harry Potter too. And makes Cranquis-style puns. Awesomeness.

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February 27, 2014

Ask Game randommomentsdevida

Rule 1: post the rules 

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked

Rule 3: write 11 new ones

Rule 4: tag 11 peeps

Rule 5: tell the peeps you tagged them 


1) If you were a bacteria/fungi/virus, which one would you be and why? 

Probably Streptococcus thermophilus or Lactobacillus bulgaricus because probiotics! They’re made to culture yogurt, and yogurt is so good. S. thermophilus is also used to make mozzarella cheese.


2) Favorite weather and favorite thing to drink during that weather. 

Sunny (but not too much), about 75-80 degree weather, where you can sit outside and enjoy a cool breeze and read a good book in the park or just hang out with friends, while drinking a mocha latte (hot or iced). Because mocha lattes all the time, anytime - espresso and chocolatey goodness in one drink!


3) Favorite word and why?

"Lackadaisical" - It just sounds cool, although being lackadaisical isn’t always the best thing.


Also, “lickety-split” because it also sounds cool. There are so many awesome words out there! But for some reason I can’t think of all my favorites now…basically anything that’s onomatopoetic, as well.

4) Favorite prank to play on cranquis?

Sending Cranquis messages about how I know who he really is muahahaha No favorite pranks really, just little things here and there on my brothers. The best one though I think I played on April Fool’s once on my best friends - told them I was moving to another state and transferring to another college. One of them was so surprised, she told her mom, like how would I take the MCAT and stuff just moving in the middle of everything like that in Junior year.


5) Teacher/doctor who had the most impact on you?

Mr. O - he was my after school teacher in the 3rd grade for a program called Project Read, and then he was my 4th and 5th grade teacher too. Mr. O was simply marvelous. He encouraged and helped nourish my love for books, literature and writing. Mr. O is just simply amazing - I still keep in touch with him now! My 6th grade English teacher Mr. E is amazing too. And of course there are some lovely professors I had in undergrad, and now med school has wonderful ones too.


6) Toughest lesson you’ve had to learn thus far?

I guess I’ll go with the good ole,  you-have-to-work-hard-super-hard-if-you-want-what-you-want-because-no-one-and-I-mean-no-one-will-do-it-for-you-lesson.

7) Favorite movie to watch after a tough day

I’ll watch anything that’s Disney, action-packed, funny, or mysterious. Usually I like to go to a t.v. series or something I’m currently into (like White Collar and Sherlock), to relax after a tough day. Lately I’ve been watching lots of The Graham Norton Show because it’s just so funny and awesome. There’s also always Tom Hiddleston videos of interviews and dancing on Youtube.

8) Favorite dessert. 

Almost any and all types of ice cream!


9) Something people would be surprised to know about you

Hmm, I don’t know…

10) Favorite thing to cook

Different types of pasta, fried rice, chicken maqlooba, cheesecake flan, and trying to learn all those delicious Bengali dishes Mom makes.

11) People on Tumblr you want to meet in real life

randommomentsdevida, cranquis, baffledinbrooklyn, wayfaringmd, modernathena90, mynotes4usmle, md-admissions, aspiringdoctors, the-relativity-librarian, ankahi-dastaan, compoundfractur, sterileplayground, medmonkey and probably some others I’m missing.

I’m also tagging you all to answer the questions, if you want. Feel free to ignore if you’ve already been tagged by someone else, and of course if anyone else wants to answer them, go right ahead and tag yourself into it!

Questions for You:

1) Were you named after anyone? Where does your name come from?

2) Pet peeves?

3) What’s the sweetest thing you’ve eaten? Spiciest? Also, cucumbers or tomatoes?

4) What’s your favorite sound? Favorite smell?

5) What’s your favorite thing about the 90’s?

6) 3 fictional characters you’d love to hang out with, and why?

7) What word did you spell wrong in a spelling bee?

8) What do you miss most at the moment?

9) If your life could be shaped after a movie, which movie would it be?

10) What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

11) Have you ever searched your name on Google?

January 19, 2014

cranquis said: Oh… this is a thing? This whole “anti-WCC” thing? Oh-kay. :S

Apparently it is a thing. Interesting, right?

January 14, 2014
cranquis said: Medblrs Assemble! Do I get to be Hawkeye? Cap’n? THOR?… No?… I’m Ant Man, aren’t I? Well, poop.
Hahaha aww DocCranquis, you can most definitely be Hawkeye!

cranquis said: Medblrs Assemble! Do I get to be Hawkeye? Cap’n? THOR?… No?… I’m Ant Man, aren’t I? Well, poop.

Hahaha aww DocCranquis, you can most definitely be Hawkeye!

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December 12, 2013

pamlemke said: I don't think it's paternalistic to wait several days, and have a trusted PCP deliver potentially stressful lab results in person. I also don't think that qualifies as "dishonest."

Response to the Cranquis narrative on “When Doctor’s Don’t Tell the Truth” article.

October 13, 2013

cranquis said: *chanting* I’M. NUMBER. FOUR! I’M. NUMBER. FOUR! (Congratulations! Good thing I accepted your meme challenge, huh? Naw, you deserve the credit — quality blogs always rise to the top!) :)

Hahaha sometimes you’re even Number 1! And mucho thanks :D

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October 13, 2013
At the Moment I am Very Humbled


1000 followers! When I first started the blog, I never thought I’d actually have so many followers!


Wow, you guys are so awesome. Thank you for following and for submitting and for your loyalty.


Shout out to Doc Cranquis of course, because he’s definitely helped me to start taking over the world gain so many followers. The recent influx of followers coming from him re-blogging the submission post. Remember the meme I made once about the Cranquis effect? And his reply?


You guys make this blog rock, and make it all the more fun to print the magazines. Chocolate chip cookies for everyone!

September 30, 2013

Naw, just a (poor) joke about the visual similarity between “PENS” and “[male organ]” in close proximity to “Cranquis’ mouth” — trying to avoid the inevitable.
Lol that’s what I kind of thought but didn’t want to go there. Jeez Cranquis :p

September 30, 2013


What kind of pens are we talking about? Just normal ball point pens? Maybe 5 before they start going down his esophagus. Cute little gel pens like we used to use in elementary school? 10. A mix? How big is his mouth anyway…

September 30, 2013

irandommomentsdevida said: In general, what Hogwarts house would be the most fun to treat and which would be the most painful/annoying and why? Also, which house do you think would have the most injuries in general? ((Hehehehehe //keeps flinging Harry Potter questions at you))

Haha keep ‘em coming! As long as you fling Harry Potter and Sherlock questions and Nutella, and not crazy pens like you do to poor Cranquis.

Anywho, I think Gryffindor would be the most fun class to treat - because they get into all sorts of weird trouble and you’ll get to use all your medical knowledge lol - but so do Slytherin. Hence, I think both classes would have the most injuries as well. Slytherin would probably be more annoying though just because they might have students like Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. And of course you have all the Quidditch players. Hufflepuff would probably be the sweetest to treat though.


September 6, 2013


September 4, 2013


Just don’t eat all the Nutella and chocolate irandommomentsdevida sends me. Next thing we know we’ll have a repeat of the donut issue :p

February 23, 2013

Wordsthatdidntsay: It’s even worse that I thought, “yeah, they’re right though. At least it’s fresh…”

Cranquis: The Prostate is not a pirate… No “Arrrrr”!

November 5, 2012
Submissions are Due by November 16 for Volume 2 Issue 1

If you would like your work featured in the print issue of The Medical Chronicles coming out in December, send in your work by Friday November 16, 11:59 P.M.

Previous issues have included work from Cranquis and Dr. Baffled, and the issue coming up will have a piece from Wayfaring MD.

So let’s get those submissions rolling!

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