October 11, 2013
I’m Learning Anatomy! Sort Of…

The struggle is real folks. It’s a weekend for some serious catch-up. So I’ve got my coffee, and my Oreos which I am dipping in the Nutella jar. I’d take a pic, but my poor phone isn’t turning on (problem since yesterday). But Benedict Cumberbatch is in NYC today (I know, when I’m not back home, he’s there) and was on Reddit, and as we all already know, he’s a genius. So I give you this pic instead (let’s say I’m getting a head-start on the head and neck block).


February 21, 2012
"I’m quite a rationalist. I’m not superstitious. I think life is, uh, life is too full of natural wonders and logical complexities to worry about illogical things."

— Benedict Cumberbatch on “My Cultural Life” for Harper’s Bazaar (via ohheytherehi)

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