April 30, 2012


Gina Glover, a photographer with a degree in Human Genetics, is the creator of these amazing works of art.  “Chromosomal Stripy Socks” won the Medical Research Council/Novartis/Daily Telegraph Visions of Science award and appeared on the cover of Nature.

If you are interested in science photography or the intersection of art and science I highly recommend reading the interview!

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April 28, 2012


“435 syringes broken down into parts, arranged over 6 hours. In this Installation work Mikroklinepolis, its a representation of the artist daily rituals(injections). The glass syringes show the number of syringes that she uses on a weekly basis for Multiple Sclerosis. This process involves a continous overlapping and the repetitions of ordinary shapes converge as a field of landscape from a clinical perspective”

Madinah Abdul Rashid

Mickroklinepolis, 2012

Glass Syringes (Glass,Rubber,Plastic)

50 x 120 cm

March 30, 2012
"Route 29 Batman... Was on His Way to a Children's Hospital."


Washington Post article.

“The Caped Crusader is a businessman from Baltimore County who visits sick children in hospitals, handing out Batman paraphernalia to up-and-coming superheros who first need to beat cancer and other wretched diseases.

Batman began visiting Baltimore area hospitals in 2001, sometimes with his now teenage son Brandon playing Robin. Once other hospitals and charities heard about his car and his cape, Batman was put on superhero speed dial for children’s causes around the region. He visits sick kids at least couple times a month, sometimes more often. He visits schools, too, to talk about bullying. He does not do birthday parties.

His superhero work is limited to doing good deeds, part of a maturation process in his own life. In his earlier years, he acknowledges that he sometimes displayed an unsuperhero-like temper and got into occasional trouble with the law for fights and other confrontations. Putting on the Batman uniform changes and steadies him.

“Eventually, it sinks in and you become him,” Batman told me. “It feels like I have a responsibility that’s beyond a normal person. And that responsibility is to be there for the kids, to be strong for them, and to make them smile as much as I can.” He understands that might sound corny, but he doesn’t care.

The little boy didn’t want to say goodbye, but his mom told him, “Batman needs to go fight the bad guys.”

The little boy cried.

“I want to go help him fight the bad guys,” he said.

His mom said, “You need to go help your sister fight cancer.”

Batman sped away.”

Oh my gosh, who is chopping onions in this joint while I’m trying to read? Jeez.

October 4, 2011
Laughter is the Best Medicine

I crack myself up. Always. Really, I’m just so funny. I laugh at my own jokes.

I cry laugh at my stupidity.

I laugh laugh and laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Yes, what can I say, I am just so awesome.


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