November 5, 2012
Submissions are Due by November 16 for Volume 2 Issue 1

If you would like your work featured in the print issue of The Medical Chronicles coming out in December, send in your work by Friday November 16, 11:59 P.M.

Previous issues have included work from Cranquis and Dr. Baffled, and the issue coming up will have a piece from Wayfaring MD.

So let’s get those submissions rolling!

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    Ahem, ahem! Reminder that the deadline is tomorrow! Speak now or hold your peace ‘til May!
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    God bless!! I had a whole collection of smart-alecky anatomy-themed haikus on my old computer. I might try to rethink...
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    Do you like creating literature/poetry/art with medical themes? Then you should contribute to this PRINT magazine, the...
  5. lindsaytheamazing said: Can I submit ‘I Can Feel My Lungs’?
  6. baffledinbrooklyn said: I would lime to submit my “Interview Tips” series for consideration.